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Instructions for self-enrolment on the information security training course

**Please be advised if you experience difficulties accessing this module in Blackboard call the IMPS department, we can talk you through it. Contact details can be found in the 'Things to do now' side bar.

This course is provided in Blackboard. New users who have just received their usernames may not be able to log in to Blackboard immediately, and should wait until the next working day.

The Access Code is 'security2013'

1. Click here - IMPS Information Security module - if you are a new user and cannot login, see the note above. If you get an error message, see the FAQ section below

2. You should arrive at the welcome screen, you will then need to enrol onto the course.

3. Click on the 'enrol' button in the left-hand column

4. Enter the Access Code: security2013 and click on Submit

5. A new screen will appear stating that self-enrolment was a success - press [OK] to go directly to the course

6. If you need to return to the module at a later time - you can also find the course under 'My Modules' in the My Blackboard tab.


Trouble Shooting: Frequently asked questions

Q. My Log-in isn't accepted in Blackboard?

A. Check you are using your current university username. If still an issue, raise a ticket with advising that you cannot login to Blackboard.

Q. My PC crashed midway through the course/test - do I need to retake?

A. IMPS can check if your test result was recorded. If not you will need to retake the module. We recommend not doing this during periods of known IT disruption or during advertised IT work on Blackboard. You should not take the modules until24 hours after you have been assigned your university email and username.

Q. What is the 'access code'?

A This is given in the instructions above, it is security2013

Q. I didn't receive a certificate?

A. The course does not generate emails or certificates, you can access/check your results in Blackboard.

Q. I need a certificate for Ethics approval, what should I do?

A. You can access your training records within Trent (via ESS) as proof of completion. Alternatively, contact IMPS and we can provide you with a screen shot of your IMPS training record.

Q. My results aren't showing in Trent or the IMPS record portal, why?

A. Results can take up to 7 calendar days to reach your formal training records, check back later. If you have had previous usernames check with IMPS if you have a duplicate record.  

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