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Lists and registers

Any information we are currently legally required to hold in publicly available registers

The University has not identified any information that it is currently required to hold in publicly available registers.


Asset registers

The University maintains a central Asset List and Heads of School and Directorate are responsible for maintaining an Inventory of all plant, equipment, furniture and stores which have been allocated to their School or Directorate. 

Disclosure logs

The University does not keep a disclosure log. Some information about the material provided in response to Freedom of Information requests is recorded. Contact us for  details.


Register of gifts and hospitality provided to senior management

There is no centrally held Hospitality and Gifts register, however Heads of Schools and Directorates are required to keep one. Where no gifts or hospitality are given or received no register is kept. Contact us for details.


Any register of interests kept in the university

The University keeps the following registers of interests:

  • A register of Interests of Council Members and Grade 9 Staff 
  • A register of Declaration of Outside Interests (for staff in academic salary scales)

Contact us for details.


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