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Senate membership

The membership and powers of the Senate are defined in the Calendar .

The current membership of the Senate is given in the Committee List.


Minutes for the current academic year

The minutes for the current academic year 2016-17 are given below:

Oct 2016 (PDF-185KB)

Nov 2016 (PDF-173KB)


Sets of Senate papers are available for consultation in Faculty Offices and the Students' Union prior to each meeting, as described in Availability of Senate papers (PDF-48KB). Dates of the meetings for the current year are given in Section B of the Calendar.


Senate minutes


Oct 2015 (PDF-195KB)

Dec 2015 (PDF-180KB)

Jun 2016 (PDF 195KB)



Oct 2014 (PDF-148KB)

Dec 2014 (PDF-185KB)

Mar 2015 (PDF-158KB)

Jul 2015 (PDF-200KB)



Oct 2013 (PDF-102KB)

Dec 2013 (PDF-101KB)

Mar 2014 (PDF-97KB)

Jul 2014 (PDF-124KB)



Oct 2012 (PDF-100KB)

Dec 2012 (PDF-105KB)

Mar 2013 (PDF-104KB)

Jun 2013 (PDF-120KB)



12 Oct 2011 (PDF-97KB)

17 Oct 2011(PDF-58KB)

Dec 2011 (PDF-97KB)

Mar 2012 (PDF-97KB)

Jun 2012 (PDF-117KB)



Oct 2010 (PDF-99KB)

Dec 2010 (PDF-85KB)

Mar 2011 (PDF-98KB)

Jun 2011 (PDF-139KB)



Oct 2009 (PDF-77KB)

Dec 2009 (PDF-97KB)

Mar 2010 (PDF-95KB)

Jun 2010 (PDF-120KB)

Senate papers for earlier years can be obtained by contacting the IMPS Office.

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