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The University has a published Code of Practice in relation to CCTV and signs warning that CCTV cameras are in use on the campus are displayed at all main entrances, since, by their nature, the cameras are not always obvious.

This Code of Practice details:

  • the purposes of monitoring, which include the reduction of crime and the safety of personnel
  • appropriate operational details of the following:
  • the system
  • control room access
  • data storage, access and disposal
  • access to captured images
  • staff training and responsibilities

You can download a copies of the CCTV Code of Practice (PDF-134KB), or hard copies are available in the Security Services Control Room on the ground floor of Whiteknights House.

Every vehicular entrance to the Whiteknights campus has an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera that monitors cars entering and leaving the campus 24 hours a day. Data gathered via ANPR will be used in the review of traffic and parking on campus. It is planned to introduce ANPR to the London Road campus in due course. 


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