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Subscription-based and licensed electronic resources

Web-based resources which are either subscription based or licensed by an organisation usually restrict the use of their content to personal and research use only. However, some of the electronic resources featured on the Library's website (see E-resources) have had their licences negotiated to allow for making educational use of their content, either in course packs or on Blackboard.

Always read the terms and conditions of the licence agreement before making use of the resource - you will only need to read the paragraphs which tell you what you may do with the resource and what you may not do. Some licence agreements will be stricter than others, and may require you to link to pages or even only the homepage rather than re-using the material.

For ways to use electronic resources in Blackboard, see Getting the materials you need in the Library or on Blackboard.

For more general teaching support, see the Support for your teaching' section on the Library's Information for teaching staff page.

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