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Face to Face Teaching

This includes lectures, seminars, tutorials, laboratory work, and other forms of face to face instruction on University premises

The Performance Right: Drama, Music and Film

Copyright owners of literary, dramatic or musical works have the exclusive right to perform them in public. The corresponding right for owners of films, sound recordings and broadcasts is to play or show their works to the public.

Almost every situation that is not private and domestic is considered to be public. However, there is a provision in the Copyright Act which allows educational establishments to perform, play and show copyright works to audiences of students and staff for the purposes of instruction.

In real terms, this means that literary, dramatic and musical works can be performed live in all forms of face to face teaching without the need to ask permission of the copyright owner. It also means that sound recordings, films and broadcasts can be played and screened in lectures (for example) without seeking permission from the copyright owner first. This is despite the copyright notice or warning which may feature on the work, using phrases such as "strictly for home use" and so on. This provision in the Copyright Act overrides these types of statement.

Please note that this provision only applies to face to face teaching and instruction, not entertainment, and does not apply to teaching via the Web. If you wish to deliver teaching via an online medium such as Blackboard, please see Online delivery.


As yet there is no provision for the use of images in teaching unless specifically allowed under licence agreement or under the fair dealing provision of criticism and review. When using images, including diagrams, in your face to face teaching, make sure you have permission to use them. If they are digital images, check the licence agreement or ask the image creator for permission to use the image. If in doubt, link to the website from your presentation or lecture series.

Always make sure you properly credit the images you use and try to follow best practice when it comes to using images.  

Electronic Information

If you want to use YouTube, iPlayer, or other on demand service during your face to face teaching you may. Either embed the code in your presentation and allow it to be streamed, or link directly to the programme or clip you wish to show.

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