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Why does my annual leave work out differently this year?

Staff who work less than 5 days a week or who work different hours each day have their holiday calculated in hours. Annual leave, bank holidays and closure days are calculated on a pro-rata basis. This ensures that the correct deductions are made according to the working pattern.

The working pattern is used to see which bank holidays and closure days fall on days when an individual works and these are deducted from the entitlement 'balance' to give the remaining amount to be used for personal holiday.

All Bank Holiday/Closure Days are calculated specifically against your working pattern. They will only be deducted from the entitlement if you are due to work that day.

For example, if you work 7 hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, only the BH/Closure days that fall on those days will be deducted. The days of the week that bank holidays and closure days fall will differ each year and so the amounted deducted will change, explaining a different 'bookable' number of hours each year.

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