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Handling small amounts of annual leave left at the end of a year

Question -I have requested my final 'full day' of annual leave for the current leave year but ESS shows I have an untaken leave 'balance' of 2.5 hours - what does this mean?

Answer - For those with an entitlement in hours, the leave entitlement that ESS calculates will not always equate to a full or half day and a small remainder can sometimes be shown. Staff can either book to the nearest ½ day using the additional entitlement from the following leave year, or they can use the exact amount that is left by agreement via the Reporting Manager but cannot be booked via ESS. The Reporting Manager, or their representative, will need to email to confirm that the entitlement should be adjusted down to rebalance the leave.

Example: An individual's normal working days is 3 hours, but they only have 2.5 hours of remaining holiday towards the end of the leave year. If they book a day off in ESS, the system would use 2.5 hours from the current leave year and use 0.5 hours from the next leave year. Alternatively, if the individual doesn't want to use leave from the following leave year, they could agree with their manager to work an additional 30 mins and the manager requests to HR for an adjustment to be made to Trent of 0.5 hours so that a whole day can be booked in ESS to finish the leave year with a zero balance.

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