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In order to get paid, all Campus Jobs workers must submit an online timesheet.

When a worker is placed in their assignment, the system automatically generates a timesheet for each week they are scheduled to work. Workers can then record and submit their hours online.

Timesheet approvers are sent an email when a timesheet has been submitted, which must be approved (or rejected) before the payroll deadline. Please see our Key Principles for payroll deadlines.

Workers are sent a reminder if they have not submitted their timesheets. Reminders are also sent to timesheet approvers if they have any pending timesheets.

How to approve a timesheet

  • You will receive an email when a timesheet has been submitted.
  • Follow the link in the email to login:
  • On the Timesheet Dashboard, click on “Approve timesheets”.
  • Your pending timesheets are displayed on a week by week basis, with the oldest appearing first. All timesheets for that week will be displayed on the same screen. 
  • The left-hand menu indicates the number of timesheets you need to approve. If you have multiple timesheets over several weeks, you can use the “More Unreviewed Timesheets” drop-down to select the week you wish to review.
  • If the hours submitted are correct, click on the Approve button. If there are multiple timesheets, you can approve them individually or click on the “Approve all visible timesheets” button.
  • If you have a query about the hours submitted, click on the Reject button and provide a reason for the rejection. The worker will receive an email to say that their timesheet has been rejected. They will need to resubmit their timesheet with amended hours.
  • You will be notified when the rejected timesheet has been resubmitted. Login to the system to review and approve the timesheet.
  • Log off when you have finished approving your timesheets.



If you have any queries regarding timesheets, please email


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