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PDR Training

Making the most of your Performance and Development Review

Following the introduction of the PDR Scheme, we want to support all staff in making the most of the opportunity to discuss their role, contribution, development and future plans.

An effective review discussion requires preparation and engagement from all parties. Where this works well staff feel energised, focused and valued.

You have a key part to play in this process and ensuring that you have prepared fully for the discussion is an important element in achieving this.

This short session provides the opportunity to explore how you can make the most of your PDR.

Details of available sessions can be found on the CQSD website, or through Employee Self Service on Trent. 

Performance and Development Review: Training for Reviewers

As reviewers or line mangers your role is crucial in the success of the PDR process and how it impacts on working lives. There is evidence to demonstrate that individuals who are engaged at work are more productive and successful.

We want to support you in understanding the new process and build your confidence in having conversations with staff that make a difference.

All reviewers must have completed the necessary training ahead of the review period starting. This will be a mandatory requirement; therefore planning well ahead of time is advisable.

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