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MiniThe Government has announced reforms to the tax treatment of certain benefits provided through salary sacrifice arrangements which come into effect from April 2017. These changes will affect the Parking+ scheme and as a result the scheme is being withdrawn and closed to new applications.

However, the Government has put in place protection arrangements for employees who are already participating in existing schemes set up by their employers. Under the protection arrangements, salary sacrifice agreements entered into before April 2017 will remain under the current taxation rules until April 2018, unless there is a variation to the agreement, or it ends before this date.

Staff who are in possession of a valid permit as at 1st April 2017, and are paying for their permit through the Parking+ salary sacrifice scheme are protected under the current arrangements until 31st March 2018, and you will continue to benefit from the tax and National Insurance savings during this time.

We will advise you when the protection period is coming to an end. The parking charges will then be taken as a deduction from your net salary each month. This change will happen automatically and you will not need to take any further action.

For information on applying for a permit, charges and terms and conditions, please go to:  If you have any questions about parking on campus, please contact:



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