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Recruitment and Selection

The guidance on Recruitment and Selection procedures has been compiled into one document.

Recruitment and Selection Procedure

It includes guidance on the following:

  • Responsibilities of Line Managers, HR and the applicant
  • Recruitment and Selection process flowchart
  • Grading of new or revised posts
  • Confirming funding of a new post
  • Writing job descriptions, person specifications and advert wording
  • Selection process:
  • Shortlisting
  • References
  • Presentations
  • Interview Panel membership
  • Conducting the interview
  • Feedback to candidates
  • Senior academic (Grade 8 and above) appointment process
  • Pre-employment checks and record keeping

Assistance with the recruitment process

Contact your HR Coordinator for support on employing team members.

Providing written references for your team members

Follow this IMPS guidance on writing references should you receive a request to write a reference for a colleague or former colleague on behalf of the University.

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