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Personal Tutors are advised to follow the guidelines below for 2008/9:

Part 1 students will follow i-Learn as listed below.

Part 2 and Part 3 Students will follw the PARS process as normal.

DEADLINES for seeing tutees


i Learn:

Unlike studying at School or College, you are expected to engage in much more independent study at University and to reflect effectively about yourself, your subject, your experiences, and your future. The education experience that your programme offers will also encourage you to think about yourself, your aspirations and how you will make use of everything on offer at University.

iLearn has been designed with all this in mind, and will help facilitate and encourage your journey to becoming an independent reflective learner by providing you with your own unique space. The iLearn Portfolioin particular (see menu on the left) will help you collect and record evidence and personal reflections about your academic and extra-curricular experiences and achievements, which in turn will help you to make sense of the relationships among your academic, professional and personal skills and development. As iLearn becomes an essential part of your degree, you will be better able to

  • identify, develop and enhance your academic, professional and personal skills and achievements;
  • reflect on your progress and development during your time here at Reading;
  • prepare for / get more out of meetings with your Personal Tutor (see iStudy), Study Adviser, Careers Adviser etc;
  • develop and write winning CVs etc

Your iLearn Portfoliois your own space where you can store information on and evidence of your skills development, achievements and experiences to date. This information and evidence will be useful to you not only for when you are preparing for meetings, reviewing any feedback, revising for university or professional exams etc, but also when you start developing and writing CVs etc (see iWork) because you can access your portfolio whenever you need, wherever you are.

You can access i Learn via Blackboard.

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Nina Leontieff

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TUTEES will be seen during week 4 - 5.  Please liaise with your personal tutor about arrangements.


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