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Incident reporting

Reporting an accident or case of work-related ill health

If you require urgent first aid response please call security 0118 0378 6300.

It is important that staff and students report any accident, incident or near miss event (that could have resulted in injury or ill health) that occurs at work to Health and Safety Services via the online form and to their immediate supervisor and Area Health and Safety Co-ordinator. This is so that the incident can be investigated to identify any action needed to prevent further injuries and ill health and to ensure the incident is recorded. Download the  flowchart describing the University reporting procedure.

All accidents must be notified promptly to Health & Safety Services using this link to

Report an Incident Online.

Cases of occupational ill-health must also be reported to

Major injuries must be reported to Health & Safety Services by telephone on ext. 8888 as soon as possible.

Further information about the University's Incident Reporting Procedure is given in Code of Practice 09 part 1 Incident Reporting.

All incidents must be investigated by line management and/or Health and Safety Services.  Download an Incident Investigation Form. For advice on incident investigations and a checklist, see the Code of Practice 09 part 2 Incident Investigation.

Reporting a security incident

For all security queries, reporting of crime or suspicious activity, including traffic incidents, contact Security Services.

Routine enquiries - call the Duty Controller (24hrs) on extension 7799.

Emergencies only (24 hrs) - call Emergency Control Centre on extension 6300.
For external emergency services, call 0-999.

Reporting a building, facilities or grounds hazard

We all have a shared responsibility for health and safety around campus. If you spot a hazard you should not assume someone else is dealing with it, they might not be. Please tell your supervisor and Area Health and Safety Co-ordinator in the first instance. They should call Health and Safety Services, Security Services or Estates and Facilites, as appropriate, if the matter cannot be dealt with locally.

Building or grounds maintenance issues should be reported to the Estates and Facilities Help Desk by telephoning ext. 7000. Please tell them if the fault represents a health and safety hazard.

If you spot a contractor working unsafely, contact Health & Safety Services on extension 8888.

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