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Organising Degree Ceremonies

Working out who is eligible to graduate

Students at Graduation

Courses that are eligible to graduate are listed on the Programme Specifications webpages. They were formerly listed in Sections I and J of the Calendar.

View information on Programme Specifications.

Students accepting undergraduate lesser awards of DipHE or CertHE are not eligible to graduate and will receive their certificates in the post once the award is ratified by the Senate. Certificates may not be sent immediately after a graduation ceremony.

We use students' 'Expected End Dates' as recorded on RISIS (specifically on the SCJ screen) to work out who to invite to each set of Graduation Ceremonies. Please notify the relevant Faculty Office as soon as possible of any changes to or inaccuracies in students' end dates.

We circulate a list of course titles that we expect to graduate in the summer in early February and a list of students who we expect to graduate in the winter in early September, for School and Departmental staff to check.

Inviting students to Graduation Ceremonies

Students at GraduationWe invite students in late March (for summer Graduation) and in mid- to late September (for winter Graduation). The deadline for students to register is usually in mid-April (summer Graduation) and in mid-October (winter Graduation).

We send email invitations to both 'home' and 'contact' email addresses on RISIS.

If a student who is eligible to graduate does not reply to the invitation, they automatically graduate in absence and cannot attend a later ceremony.

Deadline for registration

It is important that students register for Graduation by the publicised deadline so that we can guarantee them two ceremony tickets for their guests.

There are a number of key deadlines for students which can be viewed here:

Graduation Checklist for Graduating Students

How you can help

Please encourage students in your School/Department to:

  • keep their home and contact email and postal address details on RISIS up-to-date;
  • register for Graduation as early as possible;
  • inform us of any student or guest mobility difficulties or special requirements as early as possible. 

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