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School of Chemistry Food Biosciences and Pharmacy ordering process

The new requisition form is to used by all three departments of the School to use from by 1st March 2014. You can download the   School ordering form

Please do not to alter the form in any way. If you need to place a large order to one company then please attach a 2nd sheet as the form has fewer entry lines.

You may need a Vat exemption formthat you will need to complete, authorise and print 2 copies if you can claim exemption for your order.  You can claim Vat exemption if the order is for work in medical researchCheck with the Finance Office if your order is Vat exempt

The Finance office apologise for the extra work involved but Whiteknights are working on a system where we will be shortly be able to enter VAT status at order entry and a certificate will be printed in Procurement if necessary.

If your order is not VAT exempt you  email  [staff only]. Otherwise please print them and put in Finance Office tray in the Porter's Lodge on level 2.

The Finance Office will only be accepting this form as from by 1st March 2014 and any other type will be returned so please destroy previous versions.



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