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This page contains information about our Ecommerce systems and procedures and how they can be of use to you here at the University of Reading

What is the online store and how can I use it?

The online store is a free service available to all departments within the University including any umbrella organisations or part funded institutions that sit within it. It works like any other commercial online store you may be familiar with, offering a range of not only products but conferences and events too.

The days of queuing at the Receipts Office for hours are long gone; today our students and the wider public in general expect to be able to pay for things at the click of a button, any time, on any device and this is our first step towards providing them with this. It also has great benefits to us as staff at the University; drastically reducing the need for basic admin tasks. By using the online store you can be assured the payment has been taken securely, the customers details are stored centrally and all the information you require is tailored specifically for your needs. We can even set up 'free' places for those events which simply require registration. When a payment has been made you receive an automated email including all of the above detail allowing you to manage your event efficiently or dispatch your product. It's as easy as that.

Simply fill in the request form under Download or email to discuss your needs in more detail.



Taking card payments; are you PCI DSS compliant?

What does PCI DSS mean and what does it have to do with me I hear you say?  All businesses accepting card payments need to meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

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"The online store has made taking payments and registering participants for our university bicycle maintenance courses extremely easy. You can just email people the link, or put it on your website and then it's all done for you. Very straightforward"

Karen Standridge 

Sustainable Travel Coordinator @ University of Reading


"The system has been a huge help in managing the bookings for my events, allowing me to concentrate on the big picture"

Sarah Hood

Alumni Relations Manager @ Henley Business School


The future

Ecommerce doesn't just stop at the online store. We are always looking for opportunities to streamline the process of taking payments within the university with a view to making life simpler for both staff and students. There are many possibilities out there, a lot of which our counterpart institutions already offer such as online portals for paying library fines, student accommodation, fees and charity donations to name but a few. Each pathway has its own bespoke page created and is built in such a way to integrate seamlessly with your current systems . If you think your department could benefit from having its own payment gateway please get in touch with us at to discuss further.

Need to pay the University?  

There are lots of reasons why you may need to pay the University; from student fees to classes at the SportsPark. To find out more about the different types of payment we accept and access links to these various payment portal please check our page Ways to Pay 




Things to do now

Are you a department looking to take payments online?



Once you have filled in the relevant form please email to ecommerce or


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