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Student Payment FAQ'S

How much are my fees?

You will be notified of your tuition fees amount when you enrol with the University each year and thereafter you will receive a termly bill (statement) detailing your outstanding charges.

The Accommodation Office will provide details of your accommodation charges when you complete your registration for halls.

You can also check your balance via the webpage

Please note that the fees are subject to annual increases.

When are my fees due?

All fees, accommodation and other charges are due in full on the first day of term, or the date of billing if added afterwards.

Please visit the University Student Payment Policy for further information on when your Tuition / Accommodation fees are due and the consequences of non-payment.

How can I pay my Tuition Fees?

You can find out how to pay your fees on the following webpage:How and where to pay your fees 

How can I pay my Accommodation Fees?

You can find out how to pay your accommodation fees on the following webpage: :How and where to pay your fees


Can a 3rd party, such as a friend or family member pay my student fees?

Yes, payments can be made by a friend or a family member on your behalf by visiting and logging on as a 'guest'. To make payment on behalf of a student via this method you will need their eight-digit Student Number and Date of Birth.

Please note however that a friend or family member does not qualify as a "sponsor".

How do I know if the University have received my payment?

Students can check to see if a payment has been received by logging onto and checking their balance.

Depending on the payment method, it takes different lengths of time to reflect.

Bank Transfers: should reflect within 2 working days of payment being received on the University bank statement

Online debit / credit card / PayPal payments: should reflect within 2 working days of the payment being made.

If your payment does not reflect after this period of time, then we would advise that you send an email to to provide them with the payment details, quoting your student number and name and the matter will be looked into.

I have a query about my charges - who should I contact?

The calculation of your tuition fee is based upon:

  • the programme you are following
  • your mode of attendance (full- or part-time)
  • your fee status (Home / EU or Overseas)

If you have any queries about whether you have been charged the correct fee, please consult the Financial Support Officer, Carrington Building (

For other queries about your charges please contact the following as appropriate;

Why have I been invoiced instead of my Sponsor / Student Loans Company (SFE) / NHS?

You must provide the University with a valid sponsor letter to enable us to bill another corporate body for your fees. Without this document, you will be recorded as a 'self-funding' student and will be sent an invoice and expected to pay yourself.

I am experiencing financial difficulties, is there any
help or advice which I can obtain from the University?

If you are experiencing problems in paying for your tuition or accommodation fees it is very important that you contact the Student Credit Control team to make us aware. We offer a drop in service in the Carrington building between 9.30-11am on Thursday.

If you wish to set up an instalment plan (maximum 3 payments in a year) then you will first have to come and discuss your circumstances with Student Credit Control during the drop in time. This can only be offered against tuition fees and all other charges will remain due on the first day of term / billing and payable immediately.

You can also seek extra financial guidance from the Student Financial Support team during their drop in times of 10.30am - 1.30pm each day in the Carrington building.

What action will be taken if I do not make payment against my balance?

If you have not paid your tuition fees and are in debt to the University we may take some or all of the following actions unless and until the debt is cleared:

  • charge you a late payment administration fee of up to £150 in each term in which all or any of your tuition fee remains unpaid
  • suspend you from the University (which will result in your IT account being blocked, being unable to attend classes and you will not be entered for examinations) and / or prevent you from enrolling or re-enrolling until such time as the debt is paid
  • withhold any examination results, certificates or confirmation of award, including participation in any graduation ceremony
  • refuse to offer you a contract for vacation residence
  • refuse to permit you to apply for accommodation in a Hall of Residence in any subsequent year
  • require you to leave University accommodation in accordance with the Residency Agreement
  • where the accommodation has an associated catering package cancel the operation of the catering package with no refunds for missed days or weeks once the debt is cleared
  • pursue recovery of your debt through the legal process (the University will also seek recovery of the costs associated with the legal process)
  • for Tier 4 sponsored students the University is required to inform the Home Office UK Border Agency that you are no longer a registered student at this University. This will have implications for your current immigration permission and you may therefore be required to leave the UK

If you have a problem in paying your tuition fees you are strongly advised to attend the drop in service with the Student Credit Control team, before action is taken against you. Please do not simply ignore the problem.

How are my payments allocated to my balance?

When you pay us money we will use it to pay off what you owe the University in the following order unless you specify otherwise in writing:

I. to pay any rent for University accommodation

II. once your rent for University accommodation has been paid any money remaining will then be used to pay or part pay tuition fees.

III. once your rent for any University accommodation and any tuition fees have been paid

Any money remaining will then be used to pay any other charges.

If I have a credit balance (figure with a '-' minus in front of it on the bill), can I have my money back?

If you are a continuing student, and have future charges such as tuition fees or accommodation, then you simply need to deduct the credit balance from your future payments in order to clear your balance to zero.

If you are a finalist and have cleared all remaining charges you can contact the Student Fees Officer to request a refund. This either needs to go back onto the card you overpaid with or you need to update your bank details via the RISIS web portal (personal details screen).

Overpayments from sponsors need to go back to them and cannot be paid directly to you.


How do I get a refund if I've made a payment online by mistake?

Please contact the Receipts Office via or telephone +44 (0) 118 378 6130 quoting your payment reference number (which is shown on your email receipt). Please note any credit or debit card refunds can only be made to the original card that the payment came from. Same rules apply to payments made using PayPal.


How long will refunds take to process?

Once you have received confirmation from the University that your refund has been processed, you should see the funds restored to your original form of payment as follows:

The settlement of Domestic Refunds originally made via Credit/Debit cards issued in the UK should be received within 3-10 working days of the action date, depending on the individual bank.

International Refunds via Credit/Debit cards issued outside of the UK could take up to 30 working days.

In the exceptional circumstance of a domestic BACS payment being required these will take 2 working days from the date of action.

Foreign payments to a designated international bank account can take between 2-10 working days dependent on the country. 

How do I make an enquiry about my tuition fee charge?

For any queries regarding tuition fee charges please contact the Student Services Helpdesk, by telephone +44 (0)118 378 5555 or email   


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