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Field trip advicefield trip

For further information regarding Health and Safety when organising field work and field trips please visit the University's Health & Safety Services website.


Foreign students' medical cover

For details of medical cover available for overseas students resident in the UK for less than six months please contact or alternatively call them on 01242 866616. 


Student placements: Insurance aspects

University Policies
The University has appropriate policies for:
  • Public Liability
  • Travel Insurance

Work Placements

When students are away from the University of Reading on work placements, the organisations
accepting them are expected to cover them under their employer's liability insurance with regard to any personal injury which the student may suffer for which the organisation in question is legally liable.

Employers may request that disclaimers are signed by a representative of the University. All such disclaimers must be referred to the University Insurance Officer (extension 8309, email and not signed by departmental staff.

Use of Private Vehicles

If a student or member of staff wishes to use their own vehicle whilst carrying out placement work, they must check that their own vehicle insurance cover is adequate, i.e 'occasional business use'.

Student Academic Placement Overseas and Student Travel on the Business of the University
Cover for travel insurance and emergency medical attention is automatically in  place as arranged by the University Insurance Office (extension 8309, email Students should be provided with copies of the relevant insurance information obtainable from the Insurance Office webpage.

School/Department Secretaries also carry stocks of wallet sized cards containing the policy number and emergency medical contact telephone number.

If a letter confirming 'travel insurance inplace' is requested for VISA puposes, such a letter can be obtained from the insurance office.

More information on student placements can be obtained from the University's Health and Safety Services website



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