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Guide for undergraduates

Each academic year, the Exams Office publishes a guide for undergraduates which covers all aspects of examinations and assessment.  (This guide is also relevant to students on Integrated Masters programmes).  It contains general advice, as well as information about:

  • what to do if illness or other circumstances have affected your performance in an examination or in coursework;
  • how to ask for an extension to a deadline for the submission of coursework on the grounds of illness or other circumstances;
  • what happens if you fail your examinations;
  • how your degree will be classified;
  • how to appeal against a result;
  • what constitutes academic misconduct (cheating);
  • where you can find further information, and who to contact for help. 

Download the Undergraduate Guide to Assessment 2015-16 (PDF - 291KB)

What You Need to Know

Each April, we publish a guide called "what you need to know" that contains, quite simply, everything you need to know about taking exams at the University of Reading in Summer 2016.  The guide will be available when the exam timetable is released, no later than 6 April 2016.

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