Internal, open access

Suspension pending re-examination

Use of University facilities by candidates who have been suspended pending examination or re-examination

Any candidate who has not passed by the end of September 2016 (i.e. a candidate with a result of Failed, Not qualified, Deemed not to have sat, or No recommendation) and who is allowed a further attempt at the examination in 2017 will be required to suspend their registration for the whole of the Session 2016/17 and so effectively leave the University for this period. Any candidate in this category who is successful in their further attempt at the examination may return to the University to re-join his/her programme in October 2017. Suspension for a session may have funding and visa implications, and students in this position should seek advice from the Helpdesk in the Carrington Building. During the period of suspension pending re-examination or pending examination susequent to having been deemed not to have sat, the following provisions apply:

(a) Students who are suspended pending examination or re-examination are not permitted to attend lectures, seminars or tutorials, or to submit further formative work, except that they are entitled to attend any revision classes or other revision activities which are included in the normal provision for students and to seek guidance from tutors and lecturers in relation to their revision. Students are not liable to an additional fee for revision classes or revision activities which they attend.

(b) Students who have been deemed not to have sat and have been suspended pending examination may apply to the Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) for an exceptional allowance to attend specified classes. The Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) will consider each case on its merits, and will grant such allowance in cases where a student, has missed certain classes due to his or her circumstances. Such students will not normally be liable for an additional fee.

(c) Students who are suspended pending examination or re-examination have free reader-only access to the library and may apply for Student Visitor Status (which allows borrowing) provided that the student requests continued access, the Head of School sponsors the student, and the student is in good standing with the Library.

(d) Students who are suspended pending examination or re-examination will normally have read-only access to materials on Blackboard during their period of suspension, subject to license agreements.

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