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Engage in Feedback

This resource is the product of a University of Reading Teaching Fellowship Project, led by Dr Julian Park in collaboration with Dr Anne Crook, Dr David W Smith and Ms Jo Walsh. The project uses an evidence-based approach to create a website for staff with the aim of enhancing the quality and timeliness of feedback provided to students at Reading and other Higher Education Institutions. This is achieved by raising staff awareness of the alternative mechanisms available for providing feedback and by encouraging the provision of 'feed-forward' for improving students' future academic performance. 

Dr Julian Park

Julian's teaching focuses on the boundary between agriculture and environmental science, approaches to sustainable development, environmental management and simulation modelling. He has a particular interest in the design and use of websites to support learning and improving links between teaching and research (see Engage in Research and Environmental Challenges in Farm Management). He became a National Teaching Fellow in 2008 and is working on two feedback related projects. The first is Enagage in Feedback and the second is ASSET, a JISC funded project exploring how video and web 2.0 technologies can be used to provide feedback to students.

Dr Anne Crook

Working within The Centre for the Development of Teaching and Learning (CDoTL), Anne works with staff from a number of Schools across the University to address specific assessment issues, such as diversifying assessment & feedback methods, deterring plagiarism, assessing group work and designing assessments to promote active, independent learning. Anne is working on a number of University-wide projects, for example the Students' Union 'Feedback on Feedback' project and is the Project Manager of the JISC-funded ASSET project: 'Moving Forward through Feedback.'

Ms Jo Walsh

Jo is a project researcher who has worked on various projects in relation to assessment, feedback and skills development within the University of Reading including the SOAR (Skills Opportunities at Reading) and Engage in Feedback websites. Jo is currently working with Dr Anne Crook and Dr Julian Park on ‘ASSET: Moving forward through feedback,' a JISC funded project led by University of Reading in collaboration with the University of Plymouth, Staffordshire University and the HEA UK Centre for Bioscience.

Dr David W. Smith

David was the project researcher and website developer for the Engage in Feedbck project and previously completed his PhD at the University of Reading. His project, Managing Grass Fields and Margins for Orthoptera and Farmland Birds, was based with the Centre for Agri-Environment Research (CAER).

Miss Alysia Zapasnik

Alysia joined the project after David's departure in order to prepare the website for publication. She works at The Centre for the Development of Teaching and Learning (CDoTL).

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