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Top up to get discounts

Save time and money with the Campus Card. Get a 15% discount off hot beverages, plus 5% off everything else*, and never wait in line at the cashpoint again.
The University has a range of restaurants, cafes and bars across our campuses that accept the Campus Card as payment. If you load money onto your Campus Card account, you will get a discount off everything* from a Catering outlet!

* Please note: alcoholic products are not included in the discount scheme, but can still be purchased using your Campus Card.

How do I pay for meals?

Once your Campus Card is loaded up by either using the Campus Card portal or at certain tills that can top-up your Campus Card, paying for meals is quick, easy and safe. Your Campus Card can be used in all of the following locations: 
  • Architecture Cafe
  • Library Cafe
  • URS cafe 
  • Dol.cHe Vita
  • The Dairy 
  • Eat at Agriculture
  • Eat at Enterprise
  • Eat at Humss
  • Eat at Northcourt
  • Eat at SportsPark
  • Eat at the Square
  • Eat at Wantage
  • Henley Business School Cafe
  • Ice House bar
  • Park bar
  • Park eat
  • Park house bar
  • Northcourt bar
  • Wantage Hall bar 

Why is it better paying with Campus Card?

Paying by Campus Card isn't just convenient for you, it's convenient for us too. That means we can give you a discount on all of our products*, to reflect the fact that you're saving us time and effort too.

* Please note: alcoholic products are not included in the discount scheme, but can still be purchased using your Campus Card.

How can I start getting a discount with my Campus Card?

All you have to do is visit our dedicated and secure website: and sign in using your University of Reading Username and password. Once you have logged in, just click on 'Online Top Up' to add money to your account using your debit/credit card or PayPal account.
Alternatively you can top up your Campus Card using your debit/credit card at one of the following locations:
  •   Cafe Libro 
  •   Architecture café
  •   Before & After Café
  •   Eat at the Square
  •   Enterprise
  •   HBS café
  •   Sports Park cafe
  •   Dol.cHe Vita
  •   Agriculture Cafe
  •   ICMA Cafe
  •   Pavilion restaurant at Greenlands Campus
  •   Mail shop in Whiteknights house


    Further information

    A guide to catering with your Campus Card

    If you have any further questions regarding catering please contact us at


  • Catered packages for 2018 -2019

    The University has a range of restaurants and cafes across our campuses. If you have a place in a University hall of residence you can choose to eat flexibly in various locations that suit you.

    What do i get in the meal package?

    For the Chilli package you get £67.34 per week during the 31 weeks of term time, and for the Lime package you get £37.03 per week during the 31 weeks of term time. You will receive 35% off meals at Wantage Hall, St Patricks Hall & Park eat, plus 15% off hot drink and 5% off everything else at the following locations, Express cafes, The Dairy, Architecture Café, Eat at the Square, SportsPark café, Agriculture Café, URS café and the Library café.    

    Where can I use my catered package?

    You can use the catered package at the following locations:
    • Park Eat
    • The Dairy 
    • Wantage Hall #
    • St Patricks Hall #
    • Eat at the Square +
    • Eat at Agriculture
    • Eat at SportsPark
    • Architecture café
    • URS Café
    • Library Café

    # not open at weekends

    + Open Mon-Fri for Breakfast & Lunch

    How do I pay for meals?

    Students pay for a meal package as part of their accommodation package in fully catered residences, or can sign up here.  When you first arrive in a catered hall you will receive a Campus Card. You then tap the Campus Card at a till terminal to pay for your meals.

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    • You can now top-up your Campus Card at 12 locations across our UK Campuses.


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