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Terms and conditions for use of the Catered Meal plans held on the University Campus Card

University of Reading Meal Plan Scheme Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern use of the University Campus Card to participate in the University's pre-paid Meal Plans ("the Scheme"). By joining the Scheme and then using your University Campus Card when purchasing items in order to gain the discounts offered by the Scheme, you will be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions. The Scheme is open to all registered full-time students at the University of Reading, subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

Each Student's University Campus Card has a microchip segment that will be activated for retail purchasing use when that Student purchases a pre-paid Meal Plan with or without Accommodation. The pre-paid Meal Plan is held in a "Catered Purse" as an electronic credit on the University Campus Card which is made available in instalments over a fixed period. The University will operate the Scheme from the following outlets: Park Eat, Wantage Hall, St. Patrick's, The Dairy, SportsPark Café, URS Café, Eat at the Square and Agriculture Cafe. We reserve the right to reduce or increase the number of outlets, and substitute one outlet for another.

1. Students in Catered Halls will automatically join the Scheme when they accept an offer of Catered Accommodation and sign the Accommodation Contract. They will automatically be enrolled onto our full Meal Plan (marketed as the Chilli Meal Plan). This is not optional and cannot be downgraded or cancelled while in a Catered Room.

2. Students living outside of Catered Halls can register their interest via Once offers have been made, the University will invite some or all of the students who have expressed an interest to join the Scheme. If they still wish to join the Scheme and purchase a Meal Plan following receipt of an offer, students who have been invited to join can do so via the University Web Store at Students living outside of Catered Halls can choose from either the full Meal Plan (marketed as the Chilli Meal Plan) or the Meal Plan that equates to seven meals per week (marketed as the Lime Meal Plan). These students can purchase Meal Plans on a termly basis or for the academic year.

3. Meal Plans are non-refundable once they have commenced unless you withdraw or are suspended from the University. However, if you have purchased a Meal Plan from the University Web Store and subsequently move into a Fully Catered Room from another form of Accommodation, you will need to notify us via and we will refund the Meal Plan you have purchased via the University Web Store.

4. The total number of Meal Plans we can provide to students living outside of Catered Halls is limited and subject to availability. In the event of demand exceeding capacity for Meal Plans, we offer plans to those who have expressed an interest first, prioritising those who wish to join for the year.If after 48 hours a purchase has not been completed we will offer the place to the next student drawn.

5. Under the Scheme, discounted retail purchasing for Meal Plan students will be available for the 31 weeks, seven days per week, of the University term for the period that a student has purchased the Meal Plan for (or been automatically allocated a Meal Plan if a Student in Catered Halls).

6. Payment for the pre-paid Meal Plans must be made in advance either via a Catered Hall Student's Accommodation Bill or via the University Web Store for Students living outside of Catered Halls.

7. On each eligible Scheme week during the University term, the University Campus Card will be credited with a time-limited predetermined amount in GB£, as detailed on . A week for these purposes will begin on Saturday at 00:01 and end on Friday at 23:59.

8. If the amount credited to the University Campus Card for use in a specific weekly period is not used within that same period, it will be lost to the account holder. This credit amount (or cash equivalent) cannot be carried over to any subsequent week, exchanged for cash, nor be transferred or refunded in any way.

9. Items which qualify for discounted purchase will be highlighted at participating outlets operated by Catering, Hotel and Conference Services. Catering, Hotel and Conference Services have the right to change discounted items at any time. Discounts will be calculated and given at the point of sale upon purchase. Meal Plans cannot be used to purchase any alcohol under the Scheme.

10. Any discounts offered when using the Meal Plan must be paid using the credit on the Catered Purse. If insufficient funds are available on the Catered Purse to purchase an item at the entire discounted price, the discount will be applied and the account holder can pay for the balance of the item using another form of payment including any credit held on the account holder's University Campus Card. A minimum balance of 1p must remain on the Catered Purse.

11. If the Campus Card system is offline account holders will only able to spend up to £8.00 in any one transaction. When the system is back online the Catered Purse balance will be retrospectively charged with any offline transactions made. If the account holder had insufficient funds in the Catered Purse for the purchases made whilst the system was offline, any deficit will be automatically deducted from the following week's balance.

12. In the event that any purchase transaction using the Catered Purse is refunded, such refunds will only be made to the Catered Purse, and cannot be offered as any other type of payment. A receipt of the purchase transaction will also be required for the refund to be given.

13. University Campus Cards may only be used by the account holder whose photographic likeness appears on the University Campus Card. Participating outlets operated by Catering, Hotel and Conference Services have the right to confiscate or refuse to accept a University Campus Card for payment if it is presented by a person other than the account holder. If the University Campus Card is confiscated it will be considered to have been lost or stolen and the rules relating to replacement University Campus Cards will apply (see 14 below). Any improper use or attempted use by anyone other than the account holder constitutes a fraud against the University and disciplinary actions may be taken. Further, your account may be deactivated or temporarily suspended. The University Campus Card account holder must use the University Campus Card only for the purposes for which it is issued.

14. Where a University Campus Card is damaged, a replacement card will need to be obtained by the account holder and the last known remaining balance on the damaged University Campus Card, as determined by the University, will be transferred to the replacement card. Any misuse of your card rendering it unusable will result in a charge for a replacement card.

15. If a University Campus Card is lost or stolen it is the responsibility of the card holder to block their card via the University Campus Card portal website ( Following this, use of any credit held on the University Campus Card will normally be blocked within 1 hour. Until that block has taken effect any transactions made with the University Campus Card will be the responsibility and liability of the account holder. A blocked University Campus Card cannot be reactivated and must be replaced with a new one. A replacement fee may apply in respect of blocked, lost or stolen cards.

The replacement University Campus Card will be activated with the last known value, as determined by the University, on the previous card at the time the block took full effect. If during the next 24 hours further transactions which were entered into before the block was effected but which did not appear at time of replacing the University Campus Card are found, the account balance will be retrospectively adjusted. The University is not responsible for losses incurred on lost or stolen University Campus Cards.

16. Any personal data captured, used and processed via the Scheme will be processed fairly and in accordance with the University's Privacy Policy. The University will use the personal information you provide to us: to provide the services to you, to process your payments, and to keep a track of your transaction history in order to administer and manage the Scheme. The University and UPP, our Accommodation partner, will share personal information of its Catered Hall Students in relation to the management of Catered Halls only. If you have any questions about how we process your personal information, please contact us at: or +44 (0) 118 378 8981.

17. The University undertakes to take all reasonable steps to provide the Scheme as described. It does not, however, guarantee the provision of these services. If industrial action or other circumstances beyond the control of the University interfere with its ability to provide the services, the University will use all reasonable steps to minimise disruption.

18. We may revise these terms and conditions from time-to-time. Revised terms and conditions will apply to the Scheme from the date of the publication of the revised terms and conditions on our website. Please check this page regularly to ensure you are familiar with the current version.

19. These Terms and Conditions are made under English law.

(Revised 11 December 2017)


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