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Major Incident Planning

Food Biosciences building, Whiteknights campusThe UoR Major Incident Plan covers a range of processes and supporting documentation to provide a co-ordinated response to major incidents occurring to University personnel, property or reputation. This also covers Emergency Planning.

This section explains the following:

  • Classifications of a Major Incident
  • Explanation of relative escalation levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • Who are the Gold, Silver & Bronze team Leaders?

The Major Incident Plan & Appendices are only available to Gold, Silver and Bronze team leaders. A separate Major Incident Plan for all staff, which details what you should do in the event of a major incident, is available to all staff  

If you do not have access to a detailed level of information but believe that your role requires this, please contact the Business Continuity team, who will arrange user access.

Illustrated approach

The Gold, Silver & Bronze approach can be visualised as follows:

Major Incident Plan: Management structure
  • Gold will be one person, thinking strategically
  • The Silver Team will manage, collaborate and communicate at a tactical level
  • Bronze Teams are UoR teams doing their day job, using their expertise
  • A small incident may have only two or three Bronze Teams, a large incident many more
  • The Silver Team will decide which Bronze teams should be part of the incident team depending on the scenario.

Things to do now

View our escalation procedures:

View the Major Incident Plan for all staff

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If you believe that an incident is developing which involves the University, its staff or students, call Security Services:

0118 378 6300


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