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Emergency Procedures, Checklist and Contact List

Bronze Control Procedures

  1. Bronze Team Leaders assume initial incident control, gather information, alert other Bronze Leaders if required
  2. Evacuation, service isolation, access controlled, exposure contained
  3. Assess situation and analyse impact to people, property & business continuity
  4. Assess need to escalate to Silver
  5. Update Silver via Security
  6. Log events
  7. Continually assess and report possible implications of incident

Escalate to Silver if:

  • Involves long term isolation and/or evacuation of part of a building
  • Serious injury or deaths
  • May threaten the reputation or status of the University
  • Has potential legal ramifications
  • Media interest is shown
  • Additional resources need approval


  • Ensure adequate evacuation & access control
  • Contain incident
  • Maintain event log
  • Analyse impact
  • Communicate with other Bronze Team Leaders
  • Update Silver of incident via Security
  • Define next steps to recovery

Further in depth information can be found in the appendices to the Major Incident Plan.

Things to do now

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Emergency contact details

If you believe that a crisis is developing involving the University, its staff or students call Security Services:

0118 378 6300


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