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School Directors of Academic Tutoring

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School Directors of Academic Tutoring (SDATs)

provide School-level leadership for student academic, personal and professional development and maintain strategic oversight of student engagement with their studies, success and retention across the School. While it is recognised there will be variation in practice depending on implementation and administrative structures within Schools, in Schools where a Director of Academic Tutoring is assigned at Department-level, a SDAT should be assigned to provide School-level leadership and direction to the Academic Tutor System. SDATs are accountable to the Head of School for their roles and responsibilities.

SDATs are responsible for:

  • Strategic oversight of the Academic Tutor System within the School: SDATs oversee the ongoing quality management, evaluation and enhancement of the ATS in the School. SDATs act as first contact for the ATS and ensure that the School embeds the University principles for academic tutoring. SDATs will report regularly on the progress made towards delivering the commitment to academic tutoring, including to School Boards of Teaching and Learning and Student Experience (SBTLs) and the SDAT Community of Practice.
  • School-level leadership of initiatives to support student engagement with their studies and student development: SDATs oversee, monitor, facilitate and lead the School's engagement with University initiatives to support student engagement with their studies and student academic, personal and professional development (e.g. Peer Assisted Learning, University of Reading Red Award, etc.).
  • Academic leadership and decision-making in relation to student success and retention: SDATs undertake School-level responsibilities and make School-level decisions in relation to policy and procedures concerning extenuating circumstances, academic engagement and fitness to study/practise.
  • Support for Academic Tutors within the School: SDATs ensure that Academic Tutors are appropriately supported, communicating and disseminating relevant information and best practice to assist them in their roles. SDATs promote partnership working between Academic Tutors and central support services to support student success and retention, including raising awareness of referral systems, processes and procedures.

In recognition of the extent and significance of the role, the selection and appointment process for SDATs should be formalised, transparent and accessible and consistent with the process for appointing other School leaders, for example School Directors of Teaching and Learning (SDTLs) or Heads of Department.

SDATs are not responsible for:

  • Administration relating to the delivery of the Academic Tutor System (i.e. arranging Tutor/tutee meetings and recording attendance at meetings), this is the responsibility of Academic Tutors, with help from Support Centres where required. RISIS can be used to record Tutor/tutee meetings.
  • Operational oversight of the extenuating circumstances procedures and escalation processes (e.g. fitness to study), SSCs ensure students are notified of the procedures and deadlines in liaison with relevant staff and Committees.
  • Ensuring support is in place for students suspending, withdrawing or transferring, this is the responsibility of SSCs.
  • Providing ongoing pastoral support to students experiencing welfare or wellbeing issues affecting their studies, this is the responsibility of specialist student support teams including the Welfare Team, Counselling and Wellbeing and the Disability Advisory Service.

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