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Key personnel within the Personal Tutorial System

Senior Tutors

The Senior Tutor is the key contact for Tutors and should be the first port of call for Tutors requiring advice and support. The Senior Tutor has general day-to-day responsibility for student welfare in matters affecting or relating to academic progress. Responsibilities and duties of the Senior Tutor can be found at: htp://

List of Senior Tutors

Contact all current Senior Tutors by email

Information on the Community of Practice for Senior Tutors can be found here.

In the Henley Business School Mr David Stannard (ext. 6273 acts as Senior Tutor at Faculty level. The other three Faculties do not have a post of Senior Tutor. Any general queries about personal/senior tutoring should be directed to

School Directors of Teaching and Learning and Senior Tutors administer the School-level review where there are concerns about a student's academic engagement or fitness to study which cannot be resolved with the Personal Tutor or other appropriate member of the Department.

Teaching and Learning Deans

Lead the faculty-level review of academic engagement or fitness to study cases in conjunction with the relevant parties, and make referrals to the Standing Committee on Academic Engagement and Fitness to Study, approve suspensions and repeat periods of study.

A who's who in teaching and learning

Heads of School

Appoint Senior Tutors, and are responsible for the organisation and conduct of the School

School Disability Representatives

In liaison with the Disability Advisory Service, responsible for co-ordinating the appropriate support and reasonable adjustments required for students with any form of disability, for example making special arrangements for examinations.

Support Centres (or equivalent)

Provide information to Tutors about their tutees (attendance, illness, neglect of work, etc.) and report on their progress to the University.

Hall Wardens

Responsible for the welfare and discipline of students in their Hall.

Student Appeals and Complaints

Student Appeals and Complaints Officer - Miss Helen Dent, ext. 6180,, Governance; Academic & Governance Services

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The Directory contains useful information on services and resources that are available for you and your tutees.

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