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The University recognises that situations may arise when in the proper performance of their duties  Rows of books Tutors need to have access to legal advice. If a Tutor believes that such a situation has arisen, they should consult their Head of School, who will in turn consult the Director of Student and Academic Services. If the University accepts that such advice is needed it will then assume responsibility for seeking advice and for meeting the costs. However, the University will not normally meet any legal expenses incurred independently and outside the arrangements outlined above.

The role of Tutor should not carry with it any serious risk of legal liability. In any event, if a claim should arise in respect of anything said, written or done by a Tutor in the course of carrying out their duties, the University's insurers would normally provide a complete indemnity against any damages payable and any legal costs involved in defending the claim. This would apply to cases of negligence (i.e. failure to reach the required standard of care and skill) and also to cases of defamation, provided that the Tutor has not acted in bad faith.

Things to do now

If you think you need legal advice, contact your Head of School in the first instance.

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