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What UROP students say...

"I genuinely recommend UROP to all students as it can prepare yourself for your dissertation, greatly enhance your experiences and skills, look good on your CV, and most importantly can widen your horizon." Yin Tung Lam, 2015

"For me, the best thing about the placement was being regarded as an equal in the field of research. My opinions and ideas were very much valued." Jessica Cardona Gomez, 2015 

"The best thing about UROP was being able to co-publish an article on my research with my supervisor. It will provide me with incredibly valuable experience and proof of ability for my future academic and professional career." Charlotte Pinkney, 2015














"UROP appealed to me because you are offered invaluable research experience working with a professional academic and I would recommend it for anyone who is able to get involved. The experience was great - meeting new people, learning so much and adding something amazing to your CV. You never know where it will take you." Laura Armstrong, 2014 (Pictured above)

"I would highy recommend the experience to other students. It is a brilliant way to experience what research entails." Rachel Glover, 2012

"The UROP programme will massively help me in my work in my final year due to the skills and knowledge gained." Tim Seals, 2012

 "I would strongly recommend UROP to anyone who is interested in a career in research. It provides invaluable experience in a welcoming and supportive environment. I am far more confident now that I am suited to a career in scientific research. It helped me expand my horizons and look at problems in a new way. The placement allowed me to experience the day-to-day running of an experiment and positively re-asses my own take on my certain aspects of the field. I would like to thank UROP for this fantastic experience." Freddie Steinmeyer, 2011

"UROP looks fantastic on your CV. Employers see that you have gone to the effort to do something worthwhile in your holidays. It shows that you are motivated, enthusiastic and able to use your initiative. I have been to several interviews and was asked about my UROP at every one - all the interviewers were impressed. Taking a UROP was one of the best choices I have made at uni. I would strongly recommend it to anyone." Daniel Wood, 2010

"My placement was in a department different from my studies so I gained an insight into a different area. I had a great deal of independence within the framework of this placement, which was important to me." Ambroise Baker, 2007.

"It was great to be given both the opportunity to explore my own ideas for the project, but have the support of my supervisor whenever I needed it – it was a really good way to learn." Ruth Botting, 2007.

"My supervisor gave me a good level of responsibility; he respected my views, he discussed ideas and brainstormed theories with me and he was enthusiastic and passionate about the work. I feel that I have learnt just as much from him as from the research material." Linda Anglin, 2007.


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