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Modern Greek is spoken by at least 13 million people today in Greece, Cyprus and the Greek diaspora. It has the longest documented history of any Indo-European language, spanning 34 centuries of written records.



See below for details of all modules available for this language. You will be placed in the stage that most suits your linguistic abilities and prior knowledge.

Select through online module selection or once closed go to a module surgery session (credit students) or by completing the Application form (non-credit students). 

Complete a Placement test if you were advised to do so during the module selection/application process.

LA1PK1-IWLP Modern Greek 1

Intended for students with no previous knowledge of Modern Greek, this beginner module enables students to acquire a basic understanding of the language and the ability to communicate at a survival level. It will also provide students with an insight into aspects of society and every-day life in Greece and Greek-speaking countries. Please note that students with GCSE or equivalent in the language cannot enrol on a Beginners' class.  Find out more


LA1PK2-IWLP Modern Greek 2

This module aims to build on the basic knowledge of Modern Greek which students already possess having completed Stage 1. It will provide them with a more thorough understanding of the grammatical structures of Modern Greek, and allow them to communicate at a higher level. It also provides students with further and deeper insights into aspects of society and everyday life in Greece.

 Find out more



Classes are 3 hours a week split into a 2hour and a 1hour session on different days.  You must attend all 3 hours. 



The Greek Government funds IWLP Modern Greek at the University of Reading, so there are no additional fees to study this language. 



We hope you will enjoy your IWLP module. If however there is a reason you need to withdraw, you will need to complete a withdrawal form.  We cannot remove you from our records until we have received this form, even if you have told your home department/tutor. Refunds are given up to the end of Week 4 of the autumn term. Withdrawals will incur an administrative fee of £30.

 NB: All withdrawals will incur an administrative fee of £30.

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