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Italian has 70 million first language speakers worldwide. It is the official language of Italy and parts of Switzerland and an official language of the European Union. With Italy being worth more than £8 billion to the UK economy, Italian appears to have a high profile in labour market research, making it the fourth most frequently requested language in job advertisements for languages.

British Council (2014), Languages for the Future



Taking Italian with IWLP as part of your degree (for 20 credits)?

  • If you are in the first year of your course (Part 1 or PGT) - select through online module selection as you do for your other modules. If the selection window has closed go to module surgeries or support centres.
  • Returning students (Parts 2/3 and 4) - please discuss with a support centre how to change/add your module choices.
  • During the enrolment process you may be asked to complete a Placement test

Taking the language with IWLP but not as part of your degree (as non-credit)?

If you are unsure or have any further queries please contact the ISLI Admin Office on ; 0118 378 7318; or in person, Room 224 Edith Morley Building.


LA1PI1-IWLP Italian 1

Intended for students with no previous knowledge of the Italian language, this beginner module enables students to acquire a basic understanding of the language and the ability to communicate at a survival level. It will also provide students with an insight into aspects of society and every-day life in Italy. Please note that students with GCSE or equivalent in the language cannot enrol on a Beginners' class. Find out more

LA1PI2-IWLP Italian 2

Intended for students with some previous basic knowledge of the Italian language, such as that acquired by taking IWLP Italian 1 (A1 of the CEFR or equivalent), this post-beginner module enables students to consolidate and further their basic understanding of the language and their ability to communicate in everyday situations about matters of most immediate personal relevance. It will also continue to provide students with further insights into aspects of society and every-day life in Italy. Find out more

LA1PI2-IWLP Italian 3

This lower intermediate module is for students with a basic knowledge of Italian, such as that acquired by taking IWLP Italian 2 (or equivalent) and can use basic past and present tenses reasonably correctly and who can understand the main points of spoken or written material on matters of most immediate personal relevance.  This module enables students to move from the immediate personal domain of communicative situations into educational and work related domains. Find out more

Language Ladder

If your placement test suggests that your ability is already higher than the module offered by IWLP, or if in a previous IWLP module you reached the top of the stages available, you might be able to enrol on one of the language modules offered by the Department of Modern Languages.  Information and advice is available from the IWLP Coordinator responsible for your language.


Classes are 3 hours a week, split into a 2hour and a 1hour session.  Popular modules are offered in several parallel groups (A,B,C...) following the same syllabus.  You have to attend all 3 hours in one group.


 No additional fees are required for IWLP modules if you are:

- A current Undergraduate/Postgraduate Taught student taking IWLP modules as part of your 120/180 credits for the year (with permission by your School in your module specifications).

For other students:

 - Non-credit fees will be £330 for the year.  This will be billed to your student account during November.



PGR students: If your School is going to fund your IWLP module please get the agreement form signed by your School Director of Teaching & Learning.  Those not being funded will be charged £330 to their student account in November. 


Staff:  All staff are required to pay for their IWLP module. The fee is £330. If your School/Dept are willing to fund your module, please complete and return the agreement form . 


All forms can either be handed in to Edith Morley Building Room 224 or emailed to


If you no longer wish to take your IWLP module, you will need to officially withdraw with us by submitting a withdrawal form .  You will not be removed from our records until we have received this form, even if you have told your home department.  Refunds are only given up to the end of Week 4 of the autumn term. 


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