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  • As a truly university-wide institution we are here for the whole community and delighted to serve your needs. Below you can find information relevant to Personal Tutors and those seeking to develop opportunities between their School/Department and the IWLP.

  • Information for Personal Tutors

    If you are a personal tutor students will come to see you for advice on their optional modules, including IWLP. It is worth remembering that IWLP modules are available for credits but also as non-credit bearing options and offer a number of advantages to undergraduates and postgraduates alike. You might want to look at our website section 'How will you learn?' to find more about the opportunities for your students.


    It is our policy to contact the student in case of significant (two consecutive classes) unjustified absences, as attendance is paramount for successful language learning. If the student does not reply, or if regular absences are jeopardizing his/her success in the module, we will get in touch with you.


    Students will also come to you in case of extenuating circumstances. It is University policy that students submit an Extenuating Circumstances Form to their Home Department and the personal tutor must inform us.

  • Opportunities with IWLP

    Employability and internationalisation are certainly themes that your School has addressed. We probably already receive many of your students who enjoy the opportunities offered by our language modules, available for credit but also as a non-credit option. But maybe there are other things we could do for you or your students?


    The section of this website 'Language modules 2017/18' will give you an idea of our current provision.


    In 'Why learn a language?' you will find a reminder of the benefits of language learning in terms of employability and internationalisation.


    If you think that more of your students would benefit from IWLP or if you want to explore the feasibility of an extended or more flexible provision, do get in touch. We might be able to explore new paths of collaboration. If you are about to embark on a new project and you think that IWLP might be able to assist, we would be delighted to hear from you, contact our Programme Director, Dr Chiara Cirillo:


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