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  • Japanese is an East Asian language and the official language of Japan . It has120 million speakers worldwide. Japan is the world's third largest economy and a significant contributor to UK prosperity. Japanese is the fourth most common language on the internet.


    British Council (2014), Languages for the Future

  • Modules available

    You will be placed in the module that most suits your linguistic abilities. For us to place you in the right group you will need to fill in information about your linguistic background on the application form and some students will also need to complete a placement test. Find the placement test and application form here.


    LA1PJ1-IWLP Japanese Level 1

    This is a beginners' module for students who have no prior knowledge of Japanese in either the written or spoken form. It will provide an introduction to Japanese, concentrating on its communicative use in familiar everyday situations. Students will acquire a basic understanding of the language and the ability to communicate at a survival level. Find out more.


    LA1PJ2-IWLP Japanese Level 2

    This post-beginner module is intended for students with some basic knowledge of Japanese such as that acquired by taking IWLP Japanese 1(or equivalent). It aims at enabling students to consolidate and further their understanding of the language and their ability to communicate at a basic level in everyday situations about matters of most immediate personal relevance. Find out more.


    If you would like to take Japanese at a higher level than we currently offer please be in contact with us via

  • Student feedback

    "I most enjoyed Learning Japanese from a native speaker, practising everyday conversations in class and being with students with the same goals as myself.
    Not only have I gained skills in a new language, I have made many friends and learned a lot more about a culture that I'm interested in."

    Rebecca, Japanese Beginner

  • Meet the staff

    The Japanese tutors are Ms Kazumi-Hiramatsu-Kidd and Ms Asako Partington (both Coordinators and Tutors).

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