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  • Spoken by more than 70 million people as their first language, with a further 100-200 million people around the world speaking French as a second language. French is the language most sought after by those UK employers looking for language skills.


    British Council (2014), Languages for the Future

  • Modules available

    You will be placed in the module that most suits your linguistic abilities. For us to place you in the right group you will need to fill in information about your linguistic background on the application form and some students will also need to complete a placement test. Find the placement test and application form here.


    LA1PF1-IWLP French Level 1

    This beginner module is for students with no knowledge (or virtually no knowledge) of the language. The module will give you basic survival skills, enabling you to make yourself understood and to find out information in common, everyday situations. Please note that students with GCSE or equivalent in the language cannot enrol on a Beginners' class. Find out more


    LA1PF2-IWLP French 2

    This post-beginner module is for students who have some previous knowledge such as that acquired by taking IWLP French 1 (or equivalent) and can cope in common everyday situations using mainly the present tense. It includes revision of the basic grammar necessary for a sound foundation in the language Find out more


    LA1PF3-IWLP French 3

    This lower intermediate module is for students with a basic knowledge of French, such as that acquired by taking IWLP French 2 (or equivalent) and can use basic past, present and future tenses reasonably correctly and who can understand the main points of spoken or written material. Find out more


    LA1PF4-IWLP French 4

    This upper-Intermediate module is for students who have taken IWLP French (or equivalent) and whose previous knowledge of French enable them to understand the main points of everyday spoken and written material (radio, TV, newspapers), and who can express their opinions with reasonable accuracy and fluency. Find out more


    LA1PF5-IWLP French 5

    This advanced module is for students who have taken IWLP French 4 (or equivalent) and whose previous knowledge of French enable them to understand the main ideas of complex language on both concrete and abstract topics. They can take an active part in discussions and/or produce clear texts on familiar topics, support ideas, discuss advantages and disadvantages, speculate about causes and hypothetical situations. Find out more


    LA1PF6-IWLP French 6

    Intended for students with an advanced level of French (such as those who have taken IWLP French 5 or equivalent) this module aims to further the knowledge of the target language by extending competence of and ability in the target language in its cultural context. Students will be able to expand their comprehension and production of oral and written texts in a range of situations relating to academic subjects, cultural, economic and social affairs. Find out more


    Language Ladder

    If you complete a placement test and it suggests that your level is already higher than the module offered by IWLP, or if in a previous IWLP module you reached the top of the levels available, you might be able to enrol on one of the language modules offered by the Department of Modern Languages. At levels 4, 5 and 6 you can choose between what is offered by IWLP and in the Department but at level 7 modules are available only within the Department Modern Languages. For further information and advice please contact the IWLP coordinator responsible for your language via

  • Student feedback

    "(I) gained a great deal of confidence. Making a presentation on any topic we wanted (my group chose Yves Saint Laurent) helped my communication and presentation skills also. Taking IWLP helped me realise my love for languages and I plan to take a new language next year."
    "...It was the best decision I made and I absolutely love it. The staff and students are so supportive and I have developed my language skills so much. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I now plan to start a whole new language with IWLP."
    Ana-Maria, 2013/14 French Upper Intermediate student
  • Meet the staff

    The French tutors are Ms Alison Nicholson (Coordinator), Ms Alison Nader and Ms Mandy Johnson.

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