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UoR PI Lúcia NagibLucia Nagib profile photo
Nagib is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the project as a whole. She has long experience of leading collaborative research and international networks, as evidenced by her leadership of the Mixed Cinema Network (MCN), devoted to the study of cinematic intermediality. Nagib has a long track- record in intermedial and intercultural film research, as well as in world cinema studies, having published one authored and three edited books on these subjects. Being Brazilian and a Brazilian film expert, with two authored and one edited books on the subject, she will be the bridge between the UFSCAR and the UoR teams, and will more specifically look at Recife's 'árido movie' movement and its offshoots stretching to the present day, as well as contributing to all other aspects of the research. For full profile, see here.

 Lisa Purse profile pic

UoR Co-I Lisa Purse
A leading scholar on the phenomenology of the film experience, popular genre cinema and film in the digital era, Purse will pursue research on the Hollywood origin of the movie prologues and other American influences on the Brazilian industrial production of the 1940s-60s. For full profile, see here.


UoR Co-I Alison Butler
With her specialism in intermedial and experimental cinema, Butler will conduct research on how multimedia, live performances and installations in Brazilian film history (in particular the Tropicália movement) compare with similar international phenomena. For full profile, see here.


John Gibbs profile picUoR Co-I John Gibbs
Gibbs will draw on his expertise in American film traditions in order to conduct research on their dialogue with Brazilian currents throughout history, including their particular contribution to intermedial developments such as the movie prologues and the industrial production of the 1940-60s. Drawing on his theatrical experience, he will oversee the re-enactment of the prologues at UoR. For full profile, see here.


Stefan SolomonUoR PDRA Stefan Solomon
Solomon will investigate Tropicália in film practices as well as curate the Tropicália Film Season at Tate Modern (London). For full profile, see here.







 Albert Eldque Busquets

UoR PDRA Albert Elduque Busquets
Elduque willinvestigate Brazilian music biopics and documentaries which have been flooding Brazilian and foreign screens, boosted by governmental support through fiscal incentive and funding awards. The aim will be to explore this theme through a historical perspective that foregrounds the central importance of music in Brazilian cinema and arts. For full profile, see here.



Richard McKayUoR 0.4 Administrator Richard McKay
McKay will offer managerial support, update the project website and control the communication between the two teams and the outside.







 Luciana Correa de Araujo

UFSCar PI Luciana Araújo
Araújo is the lead researcher on the Brazilian side. Araújo is a renowned historiographer of Brazilian cinema, with long experience in archival research on Brazilian silent cinema and its critical reception. Her works on Brazilian cinema history and film criticism include two authored books and three edited books, as well as several articles and book chapters. For full profile, see here.




UFSCar Co-I Samuel Paiva
Paiva is an expert in Recife film production, Tropicália and road movies. His work on Brazilian cinema has an intercultural approach focusing on transnational and intermedial perspectives within film genres. He will be the main researcher of the 'árido movie' and 'mague beat' movements. For full profile, see here.


Flavia-168UFSCAR Co-I Flávia Cesarino Costa
Cesarino Costa is a prolific writer on the historiography of early cinema and is currently working on Brazilian industrial film production, focusing on intermediality, gender and national identity issues. She will conduct research on the intermedial relations of the Brazilian industrial production of the 1940s-60s. For full profile, see here.




UFSCAR Co-I Suzana Reck Miranda
Reck Miranda is an active researcher in film music and film sound in world cinema and Brazilian cinema in particular. She will conduct research on the intermedial relations of the Brazilian industrial production of the 1940s-60s. For full profile, see here.


UFSCar PDRA Margarida Maria AdamattiMargarida Maria Adamatti
Adamatti's research interests concern Brazilian film criticism and star system at the frontier between journalism and cinema. Within the IntermIdia project she will devote particular attention to the film O Ébrio, directed by Gilda de Abreu in 1946. Revolving around the star figure of Vicente Celestino, who was primarily a singer and composer, her analysis will focus on the intermedial relations established during the thirty years in which O Ébrio was first launched as a popular song, becoming successively a play, a novel, a soap opera and finally a film. Adamatti will also be actively engaged in coordinating the re-staging of the Brazilian Film Prologues in Brazil and the UK, which is a major impact activity within the framework of the IntermIdia project.


International Advisory board
An international group of expert scholars and professionals are providing consultancy and advice on the progress of the research: Prof Ismail Xavier (University of São Paulo); Prof Robert Stam (New York University); Prof João Luiz Vieira (Universidade Federal Fluminense); Prof Griselda Pollock (University of Leeds); Dr Lisa Shaw (University of Liverpool); Dr Deborah Shaw (University of Portsmouth); Dr Julian Ross (University of Westminster); Prof Ágnes Pethö (Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania).

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