Infrared multilayer partial mirror effective from 1.3µm to 16µm

J S Seeley, R Hunneman, A Whatley

Applied Optics, Vol 18, No 20, Pages 3370-3371 (1979)


In isotope separation there is a need for selective reflection and transmission functions over the 3½-octave region from 1.3 µm to 16 µm. This is more extensive than conventional visible-near-IR coating practice, and most familiar material combinations will suffer absorption at one or the other end of the region. We are therefore obliged to find a new pair of materials offering a useful high-low refractive index ratio. Available to us were special preparations of evaporable GeSe and KRS-6 (thallium chloro-bromide), evaporable NaF and other Crystran offcuts, and KBr substrates.

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