Climate Services for Smallholder Farmers

Climate Services for Smallholder Farmers

With your support, we're working with subsistence farmers to prepare them for a changing climate.


Variability makes smallholder farmers vulnerable to failed harvests as uncertainty grows about what crops should be planted and when, resulting in devastating consequences for nutrition and livelihoods.

The Participatory Integrated Climate Services for Agriculture (PICSA) programme was piloted in 2013 in response to this growing variability of climatic and agro-ecological conditions across Sub-Saharan Africa.

PICSA works with farmers and development agencies to train them in interpreting climate and weather data to help them to make critical farming and livelihood choices.


 Since its pilot, PICSA has benefitted thirty thousand small-scale farmers in Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

In Ghana, an evaluation has demonstrated that 97% of PICSA-trained farmers have made changes to their farming practices. Nearly 5,000 of those farmers then shared this new information with other local farmers.

PICSA, through collaboration with government agricultural services and Non-Governmental Organisations, is enabling African farmers to better understand the climatic factors that affect crop production and yields, and to better inform their decisions about what to grow, where and when.









Because of the successful pilot, PICSA is now ready to be delivered in many more countries across sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere.

Requests have been made for it to be implemented in Lesotho, Zambia, Niger and other countries.

Your donations will enable us to continue helping hundreds of thousands of farmers build resilience to the threat of climate change.







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Photo Credits: Farmers in Senegal interpreting rainfall records for their location; (Photo by Andree Nenkam) and a beneficiary of PICSA training in Tanzania (Photo by C Schubert CCAFS)

impact story facts and stats


small-scale farmers have benefitted from the PICSA programme.


of PICSA-trained farmers in Ghana have made positive changes to their farming practices.


additional farmers have benefitted from the shared knowledge of PICSA-trained farmers.

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