Charlie Waller Institute

Charlie Waller Institute

Donors are helping young people to cope with the effects of depression and anxiety.


Depression will affect around 15% of young people before they are 18 years old. It debilitates all aspects of a person's life and is now the third biggest cause of death amongst UK teenagers.

There is a vital need to develop new and effective therapies for children and teenagers, and to increase the number of therapists capable of delivering treatments. Donors to Mental Health research at Reading are making a difference.


With your donations we have developed free online training in mental health, which is available to mental health practitioners globally. This training reached over 160,000 people in 2016. We have also developed further online training specifically about depression in teenagers, which was launched in September 2017.

We also train NHS staff to deliver evidence based therapies. In 2016 we had over 275 NHS staff enrolled on one of our programmes- with their help many thousands of children and teenagers will receive prompt, effective treatment for their mental health problems.

We are also developing a pioneering treatment for teenagers with depression called Brief Behavioural Activation, which helps to improve their mood and reduce depression by re-engaging them in the things they find important. The treatment is currently one year in to a three year pilot phase in partnership with four secondary schools in Reading. As part of this trial we will offer treatment to around 200 young people with depression and related difficulties.


The Brief Behavioural Activation study is making it easier for local young people to access treatment. More donations will help extend this research across the UK and run a formal clinical trial of Brief Behavioural Activation.

Our work improves treatment for mental health problems in children and young people. With your help we can have influence both nationally and internationally through our links with leading academics and the NHS. Your continued backing can make a major contribution to the fight against mental ill-health across the world.

Thank you for your support

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NHS Staff were enrolled on Charlie Waller training programmes in 2016.


have benefitted from free online training courses.


children will receive treatment in the Brief Behavioural Activation trial.

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