Imagine what we can achieve together

Imagine what we can achieve together

With your support we can do great things.

IMAGINE puts a spotlight on our strategic research and teaching priorities. Together, these initiatives will transform our world and IMAGINE will enable us to turn philanthropy into impact.

We cannot stand still in this changing world. To be a vibrant and sustainable global institution that is responsive to, stimulated by and informs changes in the world around us, we must continue to invest and evolve.

We are actively doing this by:

IMAGINE is designed to support the university's ambition as it strives to address some of critical challenges that face society. Together we can make it happen.

Your support

We are now at the frontier of new possibilities for the University of Reading. Your support will build our research strengths and support students, and will promote and enable new partnerships and innovative approaches. With your help, we can have a real and tangible impact on the critical challenges that face society now and into the future.

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W M Childs

Universities are living things: they feel, think and do. They are centres of intelligence; they are concerned with ideas; they have outposts upon the frontiers of knowledge; they sometimes do beautiful and remarkable things; they dream and imagine.

W M Childs

First Vice-Chancellor, 1926-29

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