People profiles

Members of ICRC

Professor Stuart Green Director of the ICRC
Professor Roger Flanagan Professor of Construction Management
Dr Chris Harty Lecturer

Professor Will Hughes

Professor of Construction Management and Economics
Professor Martin Sexton Professor of Construction Management and Innovation
Professor Jennifer Whyte Reader in Innovation and Design and Director of DIRC

Associate Members of ICRC

Dr Tabarak Ballal Lecturer in Building Technology
Dr Abbas Elmualim Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Design, FM and Informatics
Dr Graeme Larsen Lecturer in Construction Management
Dr Shu-Ling Lu Lecturer in Construction Management
Dr Rachael Luck Lecturer in Design management, Information and Communication

Dr Milan Radosavljevic

Lecturer in Construction Management
Dr Llewellyn Tang Lecturer in Construction Management


Dr Sepideh Arkani Senior Research Fellow
Miss Whitney Bevan Research Assistant
Ms Carole Boudeau Research Fellow

Ms Pippa Boyd

Research Fellow
Dr Richard Davies Research Fellow
Dr Ian Ewart Research Fellow
Dr Jas Gill Research Fellow

Dr Hasan Haroglu

Research Fellow
Dr Carol Jewell Research Fellow
Dr Chung-Chin Kao Research Fellow
Dr Wisdom Kwawu Research Associate
Dr Timothy Lees Research Fellow
Dr Carmel Lindkvist Research Fellow
Mrs Hiral Patel Research Assistant
Dr Libby Schweber Principal Research Fellow
Mr Mark Taylor Research Associate
Dr Dylan Tutt Senior Research Fellow


Ms Stephanie Weller

Research Manager
Mrs Shelagh Ferriman Centre Administrator

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