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The Innovative Construction Research Centre (ICRC) was an EPSRC funded multi-million pound research centre running between 2002 and 2011. It was established to drive the development of a responsive, knowledge-based construction industry. The Centre's vision for a successful industry is based on through-life integration of design, construction and facilities management.

Research within the ICRC was split across two waves of funding. This allowed for consolidation of direction and strategy over time, resulting in three inter-connecting themes:

  • Competitiveness, Productivity and Performance
  • Through-life Management and Innovation
  • Innovative Procurement.

Over the course of its funding the centre was characterised by extensive collaboration with the leading players in the UK construction sector, helping to foster innovation and human resource development, and invest in advanced technology. Over 80 industrial partners across a broad range of interests were engaged, in order to best reflect the diverse nature of the industry. Many of these partners had and continue to have long standing relationships with The University of Reading. We would like to thank all our collaborators, researchers and academics who contributed to making the ICRC such a success.

Moving forward, the funding has resulted in a legacy of experienced researchers and permanent staff. In the latter stages of the Centre, there was a growing body of research in the area of sustainability; in recognition of the value and success of this research the School of Construction Management and Engineering has now increased academic capacity in this area and is leading on a cross-university initiative on Sustainability in the Built Environment. For more information on this and to request a brochure, please see www.reading.ac.uk/sustbe

Please feel free to browse this site to review the research projects and outputs. To learn more about the research continuing within the School of Construction Management and Engineering, please visit http://www.reading.ac.uk/CME/research/cme-research.aspx

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