PhDs associated with ICRC

The ICRC supports a wide range of PhD activity under its research themes.  To find out more about a PhD student's research and for their contact details, please click on their name. 

Competitiveness, Productivity and Performance

Raba'a AL-ISSAWI Guaranteeing the performance of contractors
Ahmed BANNEN Benchmarking model for the construction industry
Sorab DONYAVI The impact of effective materials management on construction site performance
Mark DOWNEY Construction sustainability comparison: UK and Spain
Douglas MASUKU Sustainable building maintenance
Kate NESS Corporate social responsibility in construction
Clare SHIPTON Examining partnering framework agreements in the context of market sectors in the UK construction industry

 Through-Life Management and Innovation

Mohammed ALABBAD Mobile phone enabling technology for the Saudi Arabia construction industry [MPhil]
Tangi Rebekka AMAKALI Inclusive design in the built environment
Mohammed ALMUBARAK Project management deficiencies in the developing countries
William COLLINGE Stakeholder engagement in healthcare infrastructure provision

Contribution of the construction sector to economic growth in South Africa

Sonja DRAGOJLOVIC-OLIVEIRA Integration of sustainable technologies within the digital design process on large building programmes: lessons from the UK Building Schools for the Future
Howard GROSSMAN Study of sustainable project management practices
Geyang GUO Centralisation and Decentralisation of Decisions: Digital Repositories and Social Media in Design Delivery
Xiao HAN Whole life cost and life cycle assessment of solar PV systems in South East Asian countries

The effect of digital technologies on the practices of architecture and other professions and the boundaries between them

Angela LEWIS A framework for improving building operating decisions

The impact on market structure on quality

Balqis OMAR Context-aware services delivery in the construction supply chain

The use of technology in project-based firms

Rui ZOU Design and decision tools for low impact large infrastructure projects

Innovative Procurement


Incorporation of project duration and its impact on construction cost forecasting

Afolabi DANIA Development of a sustainability cost metric for assessment of construction works
Shabnam KABIRI Innovation in healthcare infrastructure supply chain: A comparative study between the UK and Germany
Sang-Yong KIM Case-Based reasoning system for cost estimation
Natalya SERGEEVA Relationships, relational performance and acceptance in a firm's social structure

Recently completed Higher Degrees and destinations of students


  • Dr Dauda Dan-Asabe (Developing a building components systems for improved construction logistics)
  • Mr Wei Mao [MPhil] (A Sense Diary System for intelligent buildings)  
  • Dr Carol Jewell (The changing landscape of construction professional services) - Research, University of Reading
  • Dr Sonia Gurjao (Inclusivity - the changing role of women in the construction workforce) - Staff, University of Reading
  • Dr Stuart Moran (Intelligent environment for pervasive healthcare) - Research, University of Reading
  • Dr Ernawati Mustafa Kamal (Innovation in construction companies) - Lecturer


  • Dr Ghada Abuzaid (Determining the competitiveness of UK's consulting engineering firms through the dynamic capabilities view) - African Development Bank
  • Dr Carmel Clifford Lindkvist (The investigation of technological adoption in a facilities management department at a financial institution : from idea to implementation) - Research, University of Reading2009
  • Dr Mehmet Koray Pekericli (Object-based modelling for operation and maintenance activities in construction) - Lecturer, Middle East Technical University


  • Dr Sung Ho Park (Whole life performance tender evaluation for design-build in the Korean public sector) - Lecturer, Aston University

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