Undergraduate study at the ICMR

The ICMR Research Staff are involved in teaching in all Biology, Food Science, and Nutrition BSc programmes and the MPharm degree programme, at the University of Reading.

Whilst undertaking their degree, students will have the opportunity to choose one of our laboratories for their final year's Research Project.

Relevant undergraduate programmes proposed by the University of Reading are listed below:

Biochemistry icon

BSc Biochemistry. Biochemistry is the most fundamental of the biological discipines since it focuses on the basis of life at the level of the molecule. It considers how inanimate chemicals assemble together to generate a living entity and so provides the closest possible account of how we and all other life-forms function.

Biological Science icon

BSc Biological Sciences. The demand for biologists has never been greater and you will be entering a discipline at the very forefront of medical, technological and environmental advances. As the frontiers within biology extend, so too fo the range of career options. This degree is also available with industrial experience.

Biomedical Science icon

BSc Biomedical Sciences. If you are interested in the causes of disease and how humans and animals combat disease, or if you are interested in medical topics, but want to do a Science degree, then our Biomedical Sciences degree is the one for you.

Microbiology icon

BSc Microbiology. This degree will teach you about the prominent microbes of today including the medically important MRSA, E.Coli and C.diff bacteria and SARS, HIV and influenza viruses. Delve into the murky underworld of the soil and natural environment and learn how microbes are major players influencing planetary health and climate change.

Student Practical

BSc Food Science. Food Science is the scientific study of the quality, safety and nutritional properties of foods. The degree course provides multi-disciplinary academic training covering areas of science including chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and human nutrition. On graduation our graduates are recognised as professional food scientists by the Institute of Food Science and Technology.


BSc Nutrition and Food Science. Nutrition & Food Science is a scientific study of the health and chemical aspects of the food that we eat. The courses provide a strong academic training in the science of nutrition and the related disciplines of food science, physiology, biochemistry, genetics and microbiology. A core curriculum provides the necessary academic training to gain registration as a 'Registered Nutritionist' following graduation.

Taste Panel

BSc Nutrition with Food Consumer Sciences. Nutrition with Food Consumer Sciences students will work at the interface between companies, health professionals, policy makers, and the consumer to assess the clarity and scientific merit of the advice and food on offer, and to analyse the consumer's response to it.

Pharmacy Pills

MPharm Pharmacy. Our new course provides you with integrated learning ensuring that fundamental science is linked to clinical practice. Our modules expertly interweave learning in medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology and pharmacy practice, resulting in students with a highly valued interconnected understanding of these disciplines.

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