Staff Profile:Professor Ketan Patel

Position / Job Title:
Head of Biomolecular Sciences
Areas of Interest:
Skeletal muscle development
  • How skeletal muscle develops during embryonic life.
  • Understanding the processes that control the movement of skeletal muscle cells.
  • Understanding the relationship between the development of skeletal muscle cells and tendons, nerves, connective tissue.
  • Understanding the mechanisms that control adult skeletal muscle stem cell development.
  • Determining the link between muscle growth and physiology.
Research groups / Centres:

Lymph heart in chick - somitic origin, development and embryonic oedema.
ValasekP, Macharia R, Neuhuber WL Wilting J, Becker DL and Patel K
Development (2007) 134:4427-36.

Developmental expression of myostatin in cardiomyocytes and its effect on foetal and neonatal rat cardiomyocyte proliferation
McKoy G, Bicknell K, Patel K, Brooks G.
Cardiovascular Research (2007) 74:304-12

Lack of myostatin results in excessive muscle growth but impaired force generation.
Amthor H, Macharia R, Navarrete R, Schuelke M, Brown SC, Otto A, Voit T, Muntoni F, Vrbova G, Partridge T, Zammit P, Bunger L, Patel K.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. (2007) 104:1835-40.

Identification of blottin: a novel gastric trefoil factor family-2 binding protein.
Otto WR, Patel K, McKinnell I, Evans MD, Lee CY, Frith D, Hanrahan S, Blight K, Blin N, Kayademir T, Poulsom R, Jeffery R, Hunt T, Wright NA, McGregor F, Oien KA.
Proteomics. (2006) 6:4235-45.

Regulation of scapula development.
Huang R, Christ B, Patel K.
Anatomy and Embryology (2006) 211:65-71.

Expression and regulation of Nkd-1, an intracellular component of Wnt signalling pathway in the chick embryo.
Schmidt C, Otto A, Luke G, Valasek P, Otto WR, Patel K.
Anatomy and Embryology (2006) 211:525-34.

Skeletal muscle translocation in vertebrates.
Evans DJ, Valasek P, Schmidt C, Patel K.
Anatomy and Embryology (2006) 211:43-50.

Pax3 and Pax7 expression and regulation in the avian embryo. Otto A, Schmidt C, Patel K.
Anatomy and Embryology (2006) 2006 Aug;211(4):293-310.

Myostatin imposes reversible quiescence on embryonic muscle precursors
Amthor H, Otto A, Macharia R, McKinnell I and Patel K
Developmental Dynamics. (2006) 235:672-80

Molecular mechanisms involving IGF-1 and Myostatin t induce Muscular Hypertrophy as a therapeutic strategy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
Patel K, Macharia M, Amthor H. (2005)
Acta Myologica 14:230-241

The Origin and Formation of the Cloacal sphincter muscles. Evidence for a dual fate of hindlimb muscle blastema cells.
Valasek P, Evans D, Grim M, Patel K.
Development (2005) 132 :447-58

Ectodermal Wnt-6 promotes Myf5-dependent avian limb myogenesis.
Geetha-Loganathan P, Nimmagadda S, Prols F, Patel K, Scaal M, Huang R, Christ B.
Developmental Biology. (2005) 288:221-33

Wnts and the neural crest.
Schmidt C, Patel K.
Anatomy Embryology (2005) 209:349-55.

Id2 expression in the medial and lateral domains of avian dermamyotome
Krishan K, McKinnell I, Patel K, Dhoot GK.
Developmental Dynamics (2005) 234:363-70.

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