Staff Profile:Professor Glenn Gibson

Position / Job Title:
  • Professor of Food Microbiology, Head of Food Microbial Sciences
  • Adjunct appointment:Research scientist, Plant and Food, New Zealand
Areas of Interest:
Currently researches acute and chronic gut disease, autism, obesity, novel prebiotics, human metabonomics. Specific projects on pro/prebiotics, the molecular genotyping of gut bacteria, H2S production, gastroenteritis in sportspersons, metabolic syndrome, IBS, IBD, gut flora development with age and colonic homeostasis are being carried out.Gut microbiology, probiotics, prebiotics.
Research groups / Centres:
  • ICMR
  • Centre for Food Security
PhD - The University of Dundee.

External Activities:

6 advisory boards. President of International Scientific Association for Probiotics and PrebioticsVice President and founder member: International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP)

Other Information:

Over 60 PhD students, more than 300 conference lectures in the last 5 years (>70 plenary), given "highly cited" status by ISI, External examiner Nottingham Trent University - all food and nutrition courses 2003-2007, External examiner University of Dundee, BSc Hons in microbiology 2005-2009, External examiner Duchy College, Callington 2007-2011. Partly responsible for the initiation of the prebiotic concept for gut flora management through diet. The article which originally coined this term was published in 1995 and is currently the most-cited paper in the Agricultural Sciences field of the ISI Essential Science Indicators (>2000 citations). There are now over 1500 peer reviewed research papers on this subject.

Glenn Gibson

Contact Details

+44 (0)118 378 8715
Food Biosciences 2.45

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