Oswald Mosley's New Party

Oswald Mosely & Ted 'Kid' Lewis

Organisers: Matthew Worley and Philip Murphy.

Speakers include Stephen Dorril (University of Huddersfield), Professor Andrew Thorpe (University of Exeter), Professor David Howell (University of York), Dr Simon Ball (University of Glasgow), Dr Nigel Copsey (University of Teesside) and Dr Paul Corthorn (Queen's University, Belfast).

Round Table panellists include the writer and broadcaster Anthony Howard, Shaun Ley (Radio 4's The World This Weekend), Rob Wilson MP, Jon Lawrence (Emmanuel College Cambridge) and Ross McKibbin (St John's College, Oxford).

This conference marks the conclusion of an AHRC-funded research project on Oswald Mosley's New Party of 1931, and is supported by a special AHRC Supplementary Dissemination Award. It will include papers from specialists in the field of British political history setting the New Party in its broader social and political context.

The conference will conclude with a round table discussion on the New Party examining its role, significance, and relevance to contemporary British politics. The session will bring together leading historians, writers and broadcasters, who will debate these issues and answer questions from the audience.

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