Classics Conferences

Current and forthcoming events in the Department of Classics

Reading's Classics Department is renowned for its continuous stream of high-profile, impact-bearing events.

  • For our current research seminars and work-in-progress sessions, please follow this link:Classics Research Seminars
  • For an overview of our current and forthcoming international conferences, please follow this link: Classics Conferences

In addition to the above, we host a range of regular further events that are designed to reach out to the wider public, to knowledge transfer partners, to schools, and to current and potential postgraduate students:

Ancient Study Day 24th March 2015. For further information, please follow this link:    Ancient World Study Day 2015

Latin Summer School 2015 - 6th July - 7th August 2015

 -Please click here for more information on our forthcoming Postgraduate Latin Summer School.

Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology (all year)


Please click on the link above for events organized by the Ure Museum.

Past events in the Department of Classics

Here is a selection of what we have done in the recent past:

September 2009

'Gods of Small Things'

A conference was held at the University of Reading on 21 - 22 September 2009.

June/July 2009

Summer School in Modern Greek

The second University of Reading Summer School in Modern Greek, took place from 29th June to 4th July.

June 2009


A Symposium in honour of Tessa Rajak

The symposium took place on Thursday, 25 June, 2009.


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