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Isabelle Moss

BA Archaeology and Classical Studies, 3rd year
'I have greatly enjoyed studying at the University of Reading. My degree has been fascinating, especially as it is a Joint program. The two halves of my degree, Archaeology and Classical Studies, have always interlinked, which has given me an even more in depth knowledge of the subject, and made studying easier. I would recommend a joint degree as it gives you a chance to learn about a wide range of topics, and you have more modules to choose from.'

Pam Gregory

BA History with Ancient History
'I am a mature part time student studying for a History with Ancient History BA. I attained a History Certificate in Higher Education with the School of Continuing Education at London Road. I enjoyed the experience so much with the School that I decided to take my studies further. Although it has been hard work juggling day work with study; I have found it a rewarding and enjoyable experience. I am soon to begin my dissertation and so this coming academic year will be the last year for my BA. Reading University is a great place to study and I have made lots of good friends along the way. When I complete my BA I hope to do an MA at Reading.'

Christopher Hampson

BA History and Politics
'Studying History at Reading is a real joy. The staff never ceases to offer their support and encouragement; the students are a diverse and friendly group; and there is a sense of fun and humour in the department that is truly infectious. To top it all you get the chance to study that bit of history that really interests you. What more could a history student want?'

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