Interdisciplinary Network for the Study of Subcultures, Popular Music and Social Change

Palgrave Studies in the History of Subcultures and Popular Music: Call for Proposals

The proposed series will be international in scope and is designed to explore the social and political implications and development of subcultural forms; place youth cultures, subcultures and musical cultures in their historical, socio-economic and cultural context; assess the motivations and meanings applied to the aesthetics, actions and manifestations of youth and subcultures in national and international perspective. In other words, the series intends to build on the pioneering work of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCCS) established by Richard Hoggart in 1964 and developed by Stuart Hall and others thereafter. That is, to facilitate a genuinely cross-disciplinary and transnational outlet for a burgeoning area of academic study.



More information on the publications below and the opportunity to purchase them on the Palgrave Macmillan website.


post-punk-politics-and-pleasure youth-culture-and-private-space images-of-england-through-popular-music
national-myth-and-the-first-world-war hugo-chavez-all-primera Quadrophenia and Mod Culture
Youth Culture and Social Change The Connected Lives of Dutch Punks Music, Youth and International Links in Post-War British Fascism
hebdige-book-cover Youth and Permissive Social Change in British Music Papers book cover
Guerra_Quintela_Bookcover vdSteen Verburgh Bookcover Tosoni Zuccala Bookcover
Raine_BookCover Palgrave bookcover 'Narratives fro mBeyond the UK Reggae Bassline' Londons Working class Youth and the Making of PostVictorian Britain
Metal on Merseyside bookcover


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